While in Japan, I felt as though I rarely got my money’s worth when purchasing food. The one time that completely blew my mind though was Shabu-shabu. The food was great and it was an all you could eat for twenty dollars. I was able to take as much as I wanted without worrying whether or not I was going to take away from someone else’s share with my overwhelming hunger, since there was essentially a never ending supply of meat to cook. One of the more interesting aspects of this style of eating was that if you did not want to wait for the waiter to come around, in order to get your food, one could simply walk over to a counter filled with plates of meat and take whatever they wanted. I have had Shabu-shabu in the United States, and their version was essentially a big soup bowl where the selection of meats and veggies are very limited, along with the portions.


~ by iamnicholashenry on June 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shabu-shabu”

  1. I agree with you I think this was the best meal we had so I guess we saved the best for last and just when we were running low on meat they made sure they had more for us to cook right on time. I was very impressed how fast the meat cooked and it was actually done all the way through. Good thing it wasn’t’ all you can eat rice instead of all you can eat meat.

  2. I found it very curious that the meat was unlimited, while the rice cost money for each order! In America, the prices of meals are usually driven by the type of meat included in the meal. And with so much rice served in Japan, I never stopped to think that maybe it was more expensive to serve than I thought.

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