There was very little that disappointed me on this trip, and our visit to Harajuku just happened to be one of those incidents. I was expecting there to be many people all dressed up in there own special and funky way. Instead we saw a bunch of distraught and soaked normally dressed individuals. It was the most packed place in Tokyo for essentially the most boring scene I could have thought of. Without the occasional anime looking teen, I saw very little else that would ever inspire e to venture back to that district in Tokyo. I have to admit that I was never truly excited to see the crazy outfits that Harajuku is famous for, but it would have been quite the experience and even better as a story for my family and friends back home in the United States. If I am ever back in Tokyo and find myself bored on a rain-free Sunday, I may have to venture back to that little section of town to try my luck once more, and see the fantastic outfits of the Harajuku youth.


~ by iamnicholashenry on June 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Harajuku”

  1. I honestly thought I was the only person who felt that Harijuku was a disappointment. Not only was it nothing like I expected, the shopping was nothing like I expected. That was my only reason of wanting to go to Harijuku. I mean maybe it would’ve been more acceptable if the weather wasn’t so bad, but I guess that was just one of those things you have to see for yourself. At least NTT Docomo was pretty cool.

  2. Thanks I think that I will still try harajuku when I go to tokyo but know I won’t have my hopes up too much. Any other good places in tokyo?

  3. To be honest, I thought Harajuku was one of the best shopping experience in this trip beside Shijibashi in Osaka. You basically can’t find anything in Shibuya but in Harajuku I actaully found some good clothing stores. However, I agree the bad weather did affect the shopping atmosphere. I went to Harajuku with Kevin on the last day and everythings looked gangsta! You should visit Harajuku again but in a better weather condition:).

  4. I found some cool shops in Harajuku as well, although it’s not on the main street and hide in a narrow pathway.
    I think the fact that it was raining that day is the reason why not many people walking around dressing up.
    Although if you look around you can still see girls dress in gothic lolita clothes (there’s even one in the burger shop we went for lunch).

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