Sushi Conveyer Belt

My favorite food of all time is sushi, and coming to Japan I knew there would be more sushi than I could have ever imagined. One of the most interesting ways of receiving the sushi here has been by conveyer belts. The sushi chefs make a variety of sushi and place them on different colored plated, defining how expensive the food on said plate is. It gives people a chance to just walk in and grab what ever they are feeling like at the time. I feel that is also gives people a chance to see their potential meals, making the crave for those types of dishes. As cool as this process is, all of the restaurants also give patrons the chance to order whatever kinds of sushi they want. One of the things I did not think about until I saw an example of a prevention method was how easily germs could be spread by this technology. Only one restaurant had a plastic cover over the food on each plate., which seems odd because I feel the norm in Japan would be to protect against the spread of sickness at almost any cost.


~ by iamnicholashenry on May 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sushi Conveyer Belt”

  1. Sushi was (and still is) delicious. Never having eaten sushi before I believe I was treated to the best in the world and any sushi I have from now on just wont measure up to what I’ve eaten in Japan. I did like the conveyor belts they were pretty cool, and I also liked that if you knew what you wanted that you didn’t have to wait for it to come around on the conveyor belt and you could just order it.

  2. The sushi conveyor belts were some of the coolest parts of the trip. Those who were paying attention to Nick’s writings may have noticed him mentioning colored plates that indicated the price. I bet you’re thinking that a waiter simply came up and counted the plates right, wrong. Each color plate had a chip in it that could be scanned on a data card and presented to the patron. It was quick and insanely awesome!

  3. I kind of wish I had gone to one of the conveyor belt places because the idea is pretty awesome. It reminds of a buffet, where you can try whatever you want and however much you want. You don’t get the flat rate though, which sucks if you eat a lot, but is awesome if you just want a little. I hadn’t thought about the germs though, but I don’t think that’s enough to put me off from having good sushi (and Japanese sushi is GOOD sushi).

  4. WOW! Good point….I never really thought about how gem can spread by this technology. Maybe they had a special cleaning process before reusing the plate. The sushi conveyer belt was pretty awesome since it kind of reduce the language barrier. You can alos choose the food you prefer by eyes instead of pointing at the menu. Anyways, Japanese sushi is the real sushi unlike California roll.

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