Japanese Baseball

I have always absolutely hated watching baseball. It is the most boring and pointless sport of all time. The players all seem to be overweight old dudes who barely do anything athletic throughout the entire game, except for when they hustle their giggly bodies to the bases. Every game that I have ever attended consisted of lots of sitting, eating, and listening to the drunken hillbillies around me get into fights over little arguments. Japanese baseball is a whole other story though. During the entire game the crowd is chanting and cheering for their team and favorite players. They have specific songs and phrases they use for different incidents that occur, and players up to bat. The fans make the game exciting and worthwhile, and although they are just as drunk, if not more so, than the American fans, they are far more respectful. It is obvious that they are there to support their team and its players, rather than just finding a way to waste time and get drunk.


~ by iamnicholashenry on May 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Japanese Baseball”

  1. While I didn’t really hate baseball as much as you did before coming to Japan, I didn’t much care for it. It was rather boring. Japanese baseball on the other hand was pretty exciting. As exciting as baseball can get anyway. They successfully made the crowd an integral part of the game and therefore made the game interesting to watch. If the crowd wasn’t involved in Japanese baseball it would still be the same as American baseball. So keep up the cheering Japan!

  2. I found it boring as well! This was my first time to ever watch baseball live! I personally enjoyed watching the audience cheering more than I enjoyed watching the game! To be candid, although Carly explained the game to me, I could not grasp it immediately. Therefore, the audience caught my attention more. I have to admit that what was mostly stanning about their cheering was the harmonious clapping of the huge crowds. This experience was a one of a kind. The organization and mutual respect of the Japanese people is displayed through every aspect of their lives. Go Giants!

  3. I have always enjoyed going to baseball games and I have had the privilege to see quit a few baseball stadiums back in the United States and not one of them could compare to the Tokyo Giants stadium.The energy level was very surprising to me since it was a Monday game and the fact that women carried around the mini kegs.

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